Posted on: February 6, 2008 8:24 am

In Honor Of....

It was one week ago that the "Volunteer Basketball" blog first appeared on Eric Kay's "Raw Sewage" best blogs around list. Well, it's been five straight days now on that list, going for six. So what i thought we might do today is honor the unsung heros of this world. The heros that make the work day possible. The heros that keep us "office personel", "IT Techs", and/ or "Desk Junkies" sane in an insane environment. Todays blog is in honor of sports and SPIN writers and Eric Kay is front and center. Here's to you Eric...

So today's topic, in line with that, is what do you use CBS Sportsline to keep you sane from? In other words, what's your occupation?

For me, i'm a certified computer tech for a local company here in Johnson City, TN.

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